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Evaluation of geomat physical properties after 6 years submitted to the real field conditions in the of Arroio Passo da Mangueira channel.

The channel works was constructed as a superficial revetment and protection of the Arroio Passo da Mangueira banks. The channel solution was used in the lower part (1/3 of the height), and the base of the bank was used gabion mattress with concrete. For the rest of the bank it was adopted an application of geomats for control erosion, with grassy vegetation grouped with other vegetations of 50mm until 150mm of height. After six years of the application, were made tests with the material to verify the degradation of the phisycal properties of the geomat submitted to the reals conditions. In this case, was noted a small physical degradation of the geomat, and the bank presents a excellent natural coverage.