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Evaluation of the confinement technique using a closed geotextile system to the dewatering of dredged sediments in the port of Rio Grande

The southern Brazilian city of Rio Grande received maintenance dredging operations in 2019, with an estimated 16 million cubic meters of sediment deposited in the port access channel. This study aims to evaluate the potential of using the retention technique of dredged material in closed geotextiles (Geobags), aiming at dehydration of dredged sediments, thus allowing the disposal of tailings in land for reuse of the material. The Rapid Dehydration Test was used to evaluate the efficiency of dehydration through the geotextile web. Due to the ease of analysis, fast response time and good correlation with total solids content, the efficiency control parameters used were turbidity, drainage flow and loading time. A complete characterization of the sediments collected during the dredging was also performed, with the objective of evaluating their geotechnical characteristics and the behavior of this material before the proposed technique.