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Evaluation of the performance of geotextiles using finite element analysis in the settlement results: a case study in Kayseri, Turkey

Geotextiles are successfully designated for the reinforcement of soils to solve certain settlement as well as bearing capacity problems in difficult ground conditions. Furthermore, geotextiles are used for the stability of man-made slopes. In this study, the performance of geotextiles for soil improvement is evaluated by considering various geotextile types that have different axial stiffness values. The stiffness values are compared using a finite element method (FEM) based software PLAXIS 2D. As case study, Kayseri Organized Industrial Site in Turkey was chosen for the comparison of these geotextiles for a specific soil profile during analyses. Besides, the FEM based approach is also considered for the settlement, axial force and the effective stress changes during the application of geotextiles. The selected geotextiles are also correlated using scanning electron microscope (SEM) analyses. The results indicated that the axial stiffness (EA) can be considered with the effect on the possible soil settlement and axial force values. The settlement values reduced with increase in stiffness of reinforcement.