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Evaluation of the performance of wick drains (prefabricated vertical drains) enhanced by electro-osmosis method in the dewatering of Iron mine tailing

Two classical methods, electro-osmosis and Wick drains (prefabricated vertical drain) are generally used in geotechnical engineering to improve fine-grained and saturated soils. In this research, these two methods were combined to create a new product, which was then compared to determine the best configuration and pattern t reduce the water content of the samples. Considering the large amount of mine tailing produced from mines in slurry form, which is a mixture of fine mineral particles and water, reducing the amount of water from mine tailings leads to water reuse. It increases the bearing capacity of the soil. Samples were taken from the thickener of the Golgohar Iron Ore Mine and were arranged in six reservoirs for field tests. Square and triangle patterns and constant and alternating poles were used and investigated in this study. The results showed that the total moisture content decreased, and the best result was for the combined method with constant electrical poles and a triangular pattern.