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This work evaluated and compared parameters of resistance to uniaxial compression of expanded polystyrene (EPS), with different densities, when submitted to different execution speeds. These, performed according to ASTM 1621, were executed with samples of four different specific masses (14.5, 18, 28 and 33.5 kg/m³) at speeds of execution equal to 10 and 50 mm/min. The tests were conducted up to 28% deformation. It was possible to obtain and measure the resistance and modulus of elasticity parameters considering deformations at the elastic limit as well as the time of flow and the maximum limit established (28%). Additionally, the cited parameters were analyzed and compared with each other, as well as with the results of the literature (values obtained in research and empirical correlations). The main results show the high EPS strength as a relationship between the deformability and strength of the material with its specific mass (as the density of the material increases, its resistance and deformation properties also increase). In addition, a correspondence was found between the specific deformation in the flow and the test velocity variation. The same was observed with respect to the modulus of tangent elasticity of the material.