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Experiencia en la Estabilización de Cimiento sobre Limos Blandos Saturados

The behavior of road embankment depends on the characteristics of the foundation. The foundations on fine and saturated soils constitute, as the initial state of the soil, it can generate settlements over time and in slope instabilities, with fault surfaces that affect the foundation. In the East of the Province of Córdoba, Argentina, an elevated route was projected. The project includes the construction of an embankment on sandy silt-type soils, not very compact and with a high degree of saturation. The initial conditions of the project determined the possibility of failure of the structure of the embankment by the forces produced by the weight of the structure during its construction. Additionally, the problem shows an important restriction to settlements due to the connection between the embankment and the road bridge. The purpose of this publication is to provide experience in the stabilization of the road embankment using reinforcement geogrils in the foundation.