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Flowing water or flood events have a high potential to cause scour and erosion, in such circumstances slopes, embankments and riverbeds are prone to failure. Similarly the risk of damage to important structures (e.g. bridges, dams, dykes etc.) increases with a rising number of flood eventslinked to changes in global climate. Geosynthetic concrete mattresses offer several possibilities to create a coherent revetment with a high resistance to mechanical impacts and hydraulic loads such as waves or high flow velocities.The intention of the following paper is to give an impression of the various aspects and application possibilities of geosynthetic concrete filled mattresses. The system is technically and economically compared with conventional solutions for different cases like bank protection of channels and rivers, covering of overflow sections, lining of power plant channels and for coastal applications.The general benefits of the system and the rapid and precise way of construction are explained by reference to already executed projects, scientific studies and the experience of almost50 years of product development.