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To maintain a balanced ecosystem in various civil engineering construction projects, geojute is now being increasingly used for stabilization of top soil against erosion from rain and wind and to establish vegetation. It is a thick woven fabric having different unit weight and mesh sizes. Being a bulky and flexible material, jute drapes easily following the contours of the slopes and can maintain close contact with the soil. Jute mesh creates millions of microclimate that are conducive to germination of seeds and can provide safe anchor to seeds and saplings. Using geojute, establishment of vegetation and consequently a panoramic view can be achieved either by spreading seeds or fixing the grass blocks during laying the geojute and appropriate follow-up maintenance.
In this paper experience of protecting Great Dhaka City from devastating floods through natural embankments, where geojute was used, is described and success and technoeconomic aspect as well as maintaining eco-balance is highlighted.