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Geomembrane puncture and strains from tire derived aggregate for use in landfill applications

Tire derived aggregate (TDA) is currently being used as landfill leachate collection systems in landfills as a cost effective solution to gravel. TDA is composed of light vehicle tires that have been shredded into pieces. However, the particles often contain protruding wires and may puncture the ge-omembrane that the TDA is placed above. Furthermore, as the geomembrane is placed above a compact-ed clay subgrade, high pressures may result in tensile strain developing in the geomembrane. It has been well established that where sustained loading results in tensile strain greater than about 6%, stress crack-ing is likely to occur. This paper presents data for preliminary research of puncture protection for TDA over geomembranes of different thicknesses and overlying protection layers. A comparison of strains for gravel and TDA is also presented. Preliminary results indicate that TDA may be suitable as a drainage layer, but further research into protection layers is required as puncture occurred with different protection layers at each load tested.