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Geosynthetic cementitious composite mats (GCCM’s) were originally developed in 2005 and are a relatively new material technology in the world of geosynthetics. GCCM’s consist of a flexible 3-dimensional fibre matrix filled with a high-early strength dry concrete mix with a polymeric membrane laminated onto one side. In this way they combine geotextile, geomembrane and concrete technology en-abling geosynthetics to be used in completely new markets and applications.
GCCM’s have continually been advanced over the last 12 years, improving performance, quality and scope of application. This paper is an overview of the latest developments to characterize the properties of this new class of material. Specifically, it will focus on the essential characteristics of GCCMs which are being integrated into an EAD (European Assessment Document) for GCCMs:
Thickness & density
Flexural strength
Abrasion Resistance
Puncture Resistance