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Despite the wide application of conventional geosynthetics in myriads of geo-technical and geo-environmental problems, the associated materials and fundamentals of installation processes remain, to a large extent, unchanged. The study presented herein introduces a novel application method which combines traditional geosynthetic elements with fast, reactive, bio-reinforcement to ultimately engineer earth-geosynthetic structures of improved resistance and durability. We integrate the mechanism of natu-ral mineral formation within the layers of conventional geosynthetics and control the diffusion of the reac-tive, environmentally-friendly, solution to the surrounding geo-material. The newly formed mineral is cal-cite, and acts as binder between the geosynthetic layer and its surrounding soil. Two example applications are demonstrated: (i) a one-meter geosynthetic-reinforced sand column and (ii) an erosion protection bar-rier. The agent is stress-tested under different environmental conditions of varying temperature and water salinity to investigate its all-round performance and durability. Further, mechanical results reveal en-hanced compressive strength for sand samples which are enriched with reactive polypropylene fibers. Overall, the study introduces an efficient, fast and environmentally-friendly technology towards: (i) en-hancing long-term performance of earth-geosynthetic structures, (ii) reducing complex and time-consuming installation processes and (iii) allowing for targeted, fast retrofitting of existing geosynthetic-reinforced structures which lasts.