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Geotextile Reinforced Embankment of Clayey Soil with High Water Content

ln Japan clayey soil with high V.it1ter content such as volcanic ash dayey ::,oil and excavated vvaslc sml. ts often used as banking materials. The best strategy in such a case is to dissipate the excess pore water pressure. using geotextiles as horizontal draining materials, and reinforcing the soil through consolidation. We were able to construct test embankment to investigate the suitability or geotextilc reinforced embankment of duyey soil with high water content. Test n.·s1tlts suggested thal the laying of closely-spaced spunbondcd nonwovcn fabrics (we used 30cm intervals) is a highly suitable technique for reinforcing: high embankments of clayey soil with high vvater content This technique integrates the embankment as well as assisting consolidation of the emhankment.