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The abrasion process in coastal area is an emerging challenge for the residence at the coastal area. The abrasion may change the coastline and finally reach to their residential area. The solu-tions that is usually applied for this problem are by using concrete breakwater, sheet pile, gabion, etc. However, cost, time and installation process are often being the consideration of choosing the appropriate solution for coastal remediation problems. By considering cost, time, and easiness of the installation pro-cess, geotextile can be an alternate solution applied to the coastal area. The design of geotextile tube must consider the condition on site, strength of the materials, the stability of the tubes, and the fill material that is used for filling process. In this paper will be discuss the design approach of geotextile tube based on the coastal condition, the determination of the tensile strength of the materials, and the stability of the ar-rangement of geotextile tube. Those factors must be considered during the analysis until the construction on site. The case studies on Java Island, Indonesia will also describe the use of geotextile tube for coast remediation.