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In the paper the problem of the railway ballast pollution by heavy metals is considered. Heavy metals migrate into the soil under the action of precipitation and acid rain. Environmental pollu-tion caused by heavy metal ions is particularly hazardous. Unlike other pollutants in soils, the heavy met-al ions reserve for a long time even after removal of the pollution source. The heavy metal ions ability to migrate to the soil into the underground, ground and surface water, to accumulate in food leads to the need of consideration of their impact on human health.
The problems of contaminated surface water treatment near railway bed are examined in this study. To solve this ecological problem we offer systems that have geoecoprotective properties against heavy metal ions. This structure consists of geoecoprotective materials, gabions and geosynthetics.
Geoecoprotective technology involves the use of gabion constructions, which are filled by different stone placeholders in the process of construction and installation work.
The main tasks of the work is to determine the geoecoprotective properties of the selected materials and using these materials in dispersion form in transport construction technologies with geosynthetics to pro-tect the environment from harmful effects of heavy metal ions.