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In-situ tests of countermeasure technique for the frost heave on cut slopes using geocell and thermal insulation material

Hachinohe area, located in northeastern Japan, has a climate of low temperature and less rainfall during the winter period. In this area, volcanic cohesive soil is widely and thick deposited, called Takadate loam. This soil is unique to the area and susceptible to the frost heaving action. In many cases, no active construction measures against frost heaves have been taken on the cut slope, and in recent years these problems often occur and have become a regional problem. In this study, we examined seven coun-termeasure methods, which were carried out in-situ tests. And from the test records the thermal conduc-tivity of the soil was calculated, and the thickness of the heat insulating layer was induced by an analysis, and the integrity of in-situ tests results was verified. As a result, we confirmed the method of calculating the insulation thickness and the possibility of a measure method that does not use a heat-insulating mate-rial.