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We understand that one of Engineering’s main services, in addition to following good construction techniques, is also allowing customers to low down costs, such as installation speed (shorter the time required to complete the work usually means lower costs). As a manufacturer of waterproofing geomembranes, we rarely participate in defining what kind of geomembrane is used for each job, but we are required to produce the geomembrane to the meet the necessary specifications. Sometimes, when we are asked to produce panels, we follow modulation requirements.
However, although we did not project, due to our experience as supplier participating in many projects and different works, this experience enable us to observe certain aspects of many projects we got in contact. One of these aspects, which we want to draw attention here, was the installation of geomembranes in small lagoons with 2.00 m height, where the placement of panels reached a high speed coupled with also high security in the installation.