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A series of laboratory pullout tests of polyester straps with unanchored V-configuration were conducted as part of research aimed to understand the behavior of mechanically stabilized earth walls reinforced by polyester straps with anchored V-configuration. The two soils [silty sand (SM) and sandy silt (MH)] and polyester straps used, as well as the test equipment and procedure, are described in details. A total of eight pullout test samples are evaluated, and the relationship between the pullout force and displacements along the strap is analyzed. The results for both soils include the following: (1) significant strain softening in force-displacement curves, (2) polyester strap extensible behavior, (3) “bonded” soil – polyester strap interface behavior at a low pullout force, and (4) increasing peak pullout force with an increase in vertical confining stress. The observed difference is in the relationship between the displacement at the peak pullout force and the vertical confining stress increases.