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Mechanical behavior of iron tailings mine improved with organic polymer and polypropylene fibers

The study on stabilization, whether soil or tailings, has been increasing. The lack of adequate material on site, the need to take advantage of existing materials and reduce environmental impact, has led to the use of soil improvement techniques. The minerals are mixed with different elements inside the rocks and can be removed by different mechanical and chemical processes intention to sell to several companies. The storage form of these tailings is determined by the type of material, site topography and existing environmental conditions. The addition of polymers and polypropylene fibers in stabilization of slopes increase the resistance parameters. When applied properly, becomes a strong stabilizer in unpaved roads, pavements base, slope protection. This study aims to analyze the characteristics of iron mine tailings, the influence of polymer content, and the mechanical behavior of the composites with polymer and fibers. Laboratory tests were performed to evaluate the effect of polymer and polypropylene fibers on the tailings mine. Through the analysis of the results, improvements were observed in the strength parameters with addition of polymers and fibers. After the fibers insertion, was an increase in the angle of friction and reduction in cohesion. The applicability of polymers and polypropylene fibers is an alternative to improve the behavior of the studied iron mining tailings for geotechnical applications.