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The application of geosynthetics for improving the geotechnical characteristics of soils is already a subject with a considerable development in Geotechnical Engineering. However, the direct use of pure geosynthetic fibers mixed with soils has had an interesting development in the field of micro-reinforcement of soils with very poor geotechnical characteristics. It is in the context of studying micro-reinforcement of soils, that the present work is developed, making use of PET from crushed bottles used by the soft drinks industry in mixtures with dune sands. These sands when mixed with the PET material brings an improvement of the shear strength through the improvement of the friction angle of this new soil material sand-PET mixture, when compared with the pure sand. The PET waste used in the present study is a granulate resulting from shredded Coca-Cola bottles. So, the present paper presents the results of the studies with the purpose of showing the friction angle variation with different percentages of PET waste mixed in the dune sand, from samples tested in the direct shear test and in the triaxial test. Other re-sults of typical geotechnical tests of earthworks, with soil-PET mixture, are also presented.