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The use of paving fabric for road rehabilitation works shall extend the life of the overlay asphalt concrete pavement. The paving fabric when saturated with bitumen shall acts as a stress absorption membrane, sealing and bonding between the new overlay and old pavement. The paving fabric shall consists of a continuous filament nonwoven needle punched geotextile which is commonly used for road rehabilitation. Another type of paving fabric which is also made of the same product but reinforced with glass fibre for reinforcement. This reinforced glass paving fabric is used for airport runway, taxiway, expressway rehabilitation works which are subjected to high traffic intensity. Laboratory trial has shown that the use of paving fabric delays cracks propagation from the old pavement reflecting up to the new overlay. It can extend the life of the new overlay by more than 2 times compared to overlays method without paving fabrics. A few Asia case histories, the installation procedure, bitumen selection, spray rate for the successful application of the paving fabric are highlighted in this paper.