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A Geobarrier system (GBS) is a retaining structure comprising geobags and utilizing capil-lary barrier principles to act as a protection of steep slope against rainfall-induce slope failures. Capillary barrier principles harness the distinct difference in unsaturated hydraulic properties between a fine-grained layer and a coarse-grained layer. In this study, the performance of GBS as a protection of a steep residual soil slope was investigated. The GBS was constructed using recycled materials and it was planted with vegetation to provide green cover and to blend in with the surrounding environment. Finite element analyses were carried out to evaluate the earth pressure and pore-water pressure variations within and be-hind the GBS slope during and after rainfall. Limit equilibrium analyses were performed at various stages during and after rainfall to assess the near vertical wall stability. The results of the deformation and seep-age analyses showed that the reinforced zone in the GBS remained unsaturated during rainfall, indicating that the GBS slope performed well in minimizing the rainwater infiltration.