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The chromiferous ultramafic rocks of Sukinda Valley (21 °0′-21 ° 5’N : 85 °4Y-86°0’E) of Orissa are intrusive into the Iron-Ore Supergroup at the eastern periphery of the Indian Precambrian shield. M/s Balasore Alloys Limited currently extracting Chrome Ore from its Captive Chromite OreMines covering an area of 64.463 Ha. located at Sukinda Valley, Jajpur District, Odisha by Open Cast Mining Method. Run offs from the OB dumps have the potential of polluting the water bodies. Stabiliza-tion of OB dumps is necessary to reduce the potential effect of environment. Composite reinforced soil system with gabion facia and vegetated facia meets all the demands compared to any other RS wall sys-tem to reduce the environmental effect and to encounter generation of pore water pressure effect. In the present study the OB Dump in Kaliapani Chromite Mine has to be stabilized using combination of Ter-ramesh and Green Terramesh unit system for increased OB Dump quantity. Based on the strength reduc-tion method using FLAC/SLOPE software it was estimated that the overall safe dump slope angle for dump-1 towards north and south side under saturated condition are 35.50 and 360 respectively. From the results of the present numerical stability analysis using MacStARS software it has been indicated that, there is a large potential for cost effectiveness in using wire mesh and grids combined.