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Recovering the Pan American road in area of Chiriqui in Panama with geosynthetics, using fiberglass geogrid.

The application of geogrids for asphalt layers in road pavements has been studied since the early 1980s. This type of geosynthetics has as its main objective to mitigate reflective cracking and prolong the life of fatigue, that is, to reinforce asphalt layers within the pavement structure. Until now, many laboratory and field studies have demonstrated significant benefits of using geogrids, but still several aspects of their working mechanism within adjacent asphalt layers are not yet fully understood and should be further explored. This paper shares a recent experience of 2019 in Panama to assess the benefits of using geogrids within asphalt layers. This document presents its use in the Pan-American Highway, the central axis of the country, along 55 km. Although the construction work at the close of this paper continues; It is necessary to develop an official design monitoring procedure for pavements with asphalt fiberglass geogrid layers in Panama.