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Big floods in Croatia in 2014 induced the analysis of flood protection system and remediation measures of embankments after flooding. This extreme hydrological phenomenon was higher than design criteria for flood protection system. The result was many defects on embankments and the largest were two breaches. High water levels caused piping in foundation ground and hydraulic breakdown in the area between trench and embankment base. Optimal was proved an interactive design approach executed parallel with the construction. Bad weather conditions during the remediation and clay with high water content at the site required a modification of design. After analysis was selected solution with reinforced soil using clay as it is on site. Embankment remediation with using reinforced soil was quickly implemented and less sensitive to bad weather conditions. During construction monitoring equipment was installed to keep track of construction and for forecasting and warning about embankment behavior during flood defense. In this paper the behavior of reinforced embankment is analyzed. The aim is a better understanding about the behavior of the reinforced soil and defining design parameters and technical conditions for construction.