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AHPPL has planned for a reclamation work as a part of port terminal development at Hazira, Gujarat. Towards this end, the area on the southern side of the existing land based drilling platform needed to be reclaimed to create the port back-up facility. To retain the reclamation material as well as to protect the proposed back-up yard from the marine environment, a peripheral shore protection system was planned. Further, as a part of reclamation work, slope of height 10m was to be protected against erosion by the waves. In the process, different shore protection systems were evaluated, which included use of conventional and geo-synthetic materials. Considering the benefits of using geo-synthetics and its wide range of applications in coastal protection works, a shore protection system using geosynthetic materials was adopted. Based on the design parameters, shore protection system with geo-textile containers as core material and with stone armour layers was designed. Dredged material was used to fill the geo-textile containers which acted as a barrier to prevent egress of dredged material into the sea. Geo-textile containers were manufactured from high strength woven geo-textiles and filled with locally available sand. These containers were stacked one above the other to form the required slope. Polymer rope gabions filled with stones were provided as launching apron to prevent scouring of the toe. Garware-Wall Ropes Ltd. was entrusted with the construction of shore protection system using geo-textile containers. The present paper highlights the use of geo-textile containers as an alternative cost – effective and eco friendly system in coastal protection works and the construction methodology adopted at site.