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Nowadays the generation of electricity from fossil sources in Mexico goes around the 80% of the total generation. According to the Mexican Wind Energy Association, Mexico has a commitment to reduce this percentage to the 65% for the 2024. To achieve this goal, wind technology plays a fundamental role, since in most countries with similar goals, wind energy has been responsible for around two thirds of the total target. Increasing of the scale of the application the dimensions of the wind turbines increase quickly, reaching dimensions and loads unbelievable only some years ago.
On shore wind farms can easily involve heights of 150 m. and the rotor spins diameters can exceed the 125 m. These dimensions exponentially elevate the load applied to the ground, which certainly plays an important role in defining the perfect place to install a wind farm, moreover of the wind analysis, as velocity and direction. Develop a wind farm means large scale projects in remote areas, Mexico has a great history of inadequate soft soils to support this type of loads, there are expansive soils and also mobs
One of the main problems in the choice where the parks will be located is how to install the towers and the blades without a base collapse. A quick and cost-effective solution is the use of geosynthetic materials, such as geogrids and geotextiles for the reinforcement of the roads of internal roads and for loading platforms. Geosynthetics help to increase the load capacity of the soil and avoid failures in the installation process, as well as reduce costs. The aim of the authors for this article is to give a guide for the reinforcement of the soil in such cases referred to specific areas of the Mexican Republic characterized by soils that can not afford large loads caused by the infrastructure of the wind farm.