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Stability analysis of the old sanitary landfill slope reinforced with HDPE geogrid after a long time of service

The paper presents analysis of geotechnical parameters of waste material and strength parameters of HDPE geogrid reinforcing a landfill slope, after a long term of exploitation. Geogrids are used particularly where forces interact in one direction in reinforced earth structures such as road embankments and steep slopes. The main purpose of a geogrid installation on a slope is the improvement of slope stability and bearing capacity of the subsoil. The geogrid installed in a landfill is exposed to the mechanical and chemical factors (e.g. changes in a wide range of pH and high temperatures) as well as to the different weather conditions. To investigate the influence of the geogrid parameters changes in time, the analysis of slope stability were performed. For the purpose of the geogrid parameters changes in time, the samples were excavated from the landfill slope and analyzed in the laboratory. The tests characterised material properties, geometry determination and also the mechanical properties – tensile strength and strain measurements. Obtained results were compared with parameters of the brand-new geogrid samples. The shear strength parameters of the subsoil and waste material were based on geotechnical investigation and load tests on the experimental embankment. The stability analyses were computed with the use of limit equilibrium method. The calculation included verified mechanical parameters of the geogrid and waste materials.