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Since the first application of multi-anchored reinforcement walls (MARWs) in 1985, nu-merous MARWs have been applied in Japan for more than 30 years. Although MARWs have sustained strong earthquakes during this period, such as the Kobe (1995), Chuetsu (2004), and Tohoku (2011) earthquakes, few MARWs were deformed by the Chuetsu Earthquake. Other MARWs were not disrupt-ed. In 2016, several MARWs were damaged by a sequence of strong earthquakes that occurred in Kuma-moto, Japan. The investigation of MARWs, which are at locations near the respective epicenters of the earthquakes, was conducted after the earthquake occurrence. The main method of investigation was visual observation. This paper presents a summary and results of the investigation. Nearly 90% of all MARWs showed no damage. Other MARWs exhibited minor damage.