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Designing the performance of geogrids in reinforce soil constructions usually does not consider long-term behavior and possible failure modes of junctions between longitudinal and transverse ribs. How could behavior of junctions be included? To which extend is it necessary? On the conference Geo-Chicago 2016, Swan and Yuan presented an ultimate limit state equation for the short-term material resistance of junctions. We discuss limitations and suggest improvements to include long-term behavior of junctions. Nevertheless, the approach applies only to a specific mode of shear-tensile failure of junctions and only to strictly rigid geogrids. A new design concept presented in the same year by Jacobs on the conference GeoAmerica for the special case of the anchorage of geogrids, which reinforce capping system on long and steep slopes of landfills, tried to overcome these drawbacks. We discuss the aspects of this concept related to the long-term behavior of junctions and the interplay between the load applied to junctions and the flexibility of longitudinal ribs. This interplay and the long-term junction strength determine the long-term behavior of geogrids.