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Use of multifunctional geocomposites as dampers for structure subjected to external vibrations

Vibrations created by road or railway traffic are transmitted though soil to adjacent struc-tures. In densely populated urban areas this can have an impact on the health and well-being of residents as well as affecting the value of their property. Geocomposite products with 3D looped filament polyam-ide cores have been used successfully over the world for decades in vertical and horizontal drainage ap-plications. In situ monitoring coupled with complementary laboratory testing has led to a comprehensive understanding of the capabilities of these products, which due to the long-term elasticity of the polyamide core enables these materials to reduce the transmission of these vibrations. This paper discusses the effi-ciency of the geocomposite materials on the basis of newly executed field test results regarding the be-haviour of geocomposite materials in dynamic pressure environment.