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In a waterproofing system, the geomembrane provides the barrier function, so, its durability is very important in the performance of the complete system. It is known that plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P), as other thermoplastic materials, is affected by the weathering conditions, especially when it is exposed to the environment. This is the case in most of the hydraulic works. Sun radiation and mainly the UV part of the spectrum are the principal responsible of the PVC-P degradation. The addition of a pigmented coating on the geomembrane acts as a protective layer against UV radiation and reduces plasticizer loss. As such, the coating increases the durability of the PVC-P geomembrane. This paper explains and documents how the pigmented coating provides that protection and increases the expectancy of life. Weathering tests like EMMAQUA or studies in the Weather-O-meter were used in order to evaluate the performance of the coating. Microscopic examination provides the information to confirm coating durability and, by extension, the increase of geomembrane life.