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Execution and evaluation of large-scale trafficking trials with geogrid-reinforced base courses

To improve the fundamental data for the prediction of the performance of geosynthetic reinforced unbound granular layers, two series of full-scale trials have been performed, using a truck representative for an axle load of 10t as it is standard for Europe. The first series was used for a systematic variation on pavement thickness, stiffness-modulus and number of layers for the product range of laid and welded geogrids in combination with a separator. The second series has been used for a comparison of different geosynthetics under comparable field conditions under the guidance and supervision of the Clausthal University of Technology. The comparison clearly shows the improvement of the serviceability of unbound granular layers by geosynthetics. The thickness of the unbound granular layer is of primary importance, as well as the stiffness modulus of the reinforcement. Using two layers of geogrids instead of one, but the same sum of stiffness, gives a significant improvement of performance.