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Within, the past 30 years, there have been contributions of Geosynthetics with regards to the improvement of roads. Conversely, the application of Geosynthetics specifically with municipal roads has not been seen, especially given the fact that municipal roads experience problems with pavement structures. This article therefore presents locations of which could benefit from Geosynthetics. For instance, the article mentions a road in the municipality of San Nicolas de los Garza (located within the Monterrey Metropolitan Area). This road has many peculiarities. These range from technical, to social, (as it is a road through which a high percentage of heavy vehicles) as well a turbulent history. The article outlines that by using the multi-axial geogrid one could contribute to a positive social impact by improving roads for the benefit of the population. The second case in the article touches on the impact of Geosynthetics on a smaller scale within the same municipality. It mentions the positive impacts of having a flexible pavement reinforced with interlayer on top of the existing one (cobble paving). This would help to avoid the reflection of cracks towards the new pavement structure. In all, this article give insight as to how Geosynthetics can contribute to both small and large infrastructure works.