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Countless civil engineering projects use geosynthetics, from hydraulic projects to geotechnical landfills. To improve it, the hydraulic characterization is one of the main properties to be verified. When the material leaves the controlled environment of the factories and arrives at the field, it is subjected to the aggressive characteristics of the exogenous environment, what is detrimental to their physical integrity. Therefore, the paper studied the determination of water permeability test normal to the plane, without load made in a first equipment previously standardized and, in addition, the construction and calibration of two new equipment, for determination of water flow capacity in their plane and determining apparent opening size. The hydraulic behavior of four woven geotextiles were evaluated, two with monofilament polypropylene and two with multifilament polyester. The results when confronted with the database of the laboratory tests showed good correlation patterns between the characterization of a large part of the available geosynthetics, making the validation of the new equipment for the determination of hydraulic properties possible.