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Geosynthetics: versatility and variety in application in different geological profiles within the human construction cycle

Throughout history, man was from the beginning of his existence the major responsible for the geological modification of the planet, which prehistoric man established as his place of residence, strategic geological points, where was easy access to water and food, Throughout the evolutionary cycle, it became the dominant species, being of vital importance for its survival, becoming common then its interaction with the natural geological cycle, in which it was able to handle different equipments, developing large circles which were established. whole civilizations. It is evident that the continuous interaction between man and the natural geological cycle, being such action directly implies the human survival, becoming a danger, where problems have been getting worse in the last decades, mainly involving slope stabilization, whose problem is constantly seen in the country, especially in the state of Rio de Janeiro where countless cataclysmic events are plaguing society. One solution to be effective is the use of geosynthetic blankets, material made of high strength fibers, has been a very widespread material within the construction, contributing directly to soil containment. This article aims to map different materials used in geotechnical works, which makes it really important to use effective systems that try to solve problems related to soil containment, where possible with the use of geosynthetic blankets, which presents a material very versatile that can be used in different works of Geotechnical Engineering with different purposes.