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Performance analysis of HDPE Corrugated Pipes vs. Concrete Tubes at haul road truck crossings for mining company in Minas Gerais, Brazil

As in the world’s largest mining companies, Brazil’s largest mining companies use haul road trucks to transport the minerals exploited, to increase productivity and reduce the direct and indirect costs of the beneficiaries. Due to the importance of these, it is necessary to maintain the access roads in ideal conditions for transportation of the ore, especially in adverse climatic periods. Due to the constant enlargements, due to excavations in mine, it is necessary to realize a drainage system, to capture and to lead the precipitate, avoiding the degradation and the necessity of constant maintenance. For the construction of these drainage systems, buried pipes are usually used because of their ease and speed of construction. The present work aims to present a comparative performance of the application of loads between the two main types of pipe used for gravity driving, HDPE corrugated pipes and precast concrete pipes. For the analysis, the software of finite elements was used to evaluate the behavior of the different systems, in front of the two scenarios evaluated, below 9m of soil and submitted to haul road trucks. This evaluation allowed to sustain and approve the use of HDPE pipes in an important mining project in Minas Gerais.