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Performance Evaluation of Geosynthetics Pocket filled with Expansive Material by Field Test

This study conducted field test to evaluate the applicability of the road cavity filling method to prevent subsidence due to cavity under the road. Ice was used to simulate the cavity occurring under the road, and the surface layer was paved with asphalt. GPR investi gation was performed before and after filling the cavity, so as to identify the cavitation and ground behavior, and the effect of filling material was verified through partial excavation. Cavity filling was completed by filling it with sand and compaction, and the geosynthetics pocket contained within the sand was filled with expansive material. After applying the filling material, monitoring by endoscope showed that the geosynthetics pocket filled with expansive material began swelling, making the sand lay er dense. When filling with sand according to the traditional method, soil compaction was impossible, and the filling performance was unsatisfactory, but the geosynthetics pocket filled with expansive material proved to have enhanced compaction effects. Th e excavation survey of the road cavity filled with sand and expansive material confirmed that the backfill method using the geosynthetic pocket filled with expansive material is effective for road cavity restoration.