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This study describes the main aspects considered in the project of a segmental retaining wall reinforced with geogrids and with facing in Terrae blocks extending 250 m in length, and with a maximum height of approximately 25 m. In addition to the design challenges of a retaining structure of this magnitude, the local geological characteristics, with the presence of low bearing capacity of soil in the foundation, the operating road during the construction phases and the extremely tight executive schedule, make this work practically unique. In this job the treatment of foundation soil comprised the execution of stone columns in 2,500 m² of area, excavation of slopes up to 25 m, installation of 120,000 m² of geogrids, 5,000 m² of facing blocks and a total fill volume of 130,000 m³. The technical project for the retaining wall was developed by the company Engecorps Engenharia S.A., and the construction, carried out within a period of less than 6 months, was conducted under the supervision of the concessionary company Nova Tamoios.