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‘Monsoon Palace’ a residential dwelling unit, which was constructed at Aamby Valley City, Lonavla near North lake. The requirement was to retain the soil along the half an acre area without reducing the aesthetics of the structure and surroundings. The retention requirement was up to 21.0 m height. Reinforced soil wall (RSW) provides an aesthetic as well as an economical solution for the retention of earth / slopes as compared to the conventional RCC Wall. Reinforced soil wall can accommodate differential settlement which RCC wall can’t withstand and gets distressed with cracks. TechFab (India) Industries Ltd suggested the use of TechGrid Uniaxial Geogrid TGU of ultimate tensile strength varying from 40 kN/m to 250 kN/m. These Polyester uniaxial knitted geogrids are used as primary reinforcements to the existing steep slopes. Geomembrane was provided below the top drain to prevent any ingress of precipitation or runoff water. Design of Reinforced soil wall was done by considering the maximum possible vehicular load and other surcharge loads. ReSSA 3.0 Software was used to carry out the global stability check for the designed Reinforced soil wall. By giving this solution of Reinforced soil wall, client has developed extra land of around 2.0 acres.