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Reinforcement of foundations with the geocellular confinement system for Impala Peru – Callao project.

By 2011, Impala Terminals Peru began to execute the works of the project “Expansion and modernization of the Callao warehouses” in order to improve the work capacity and achieve international quality standards. Part of the expansion was developed in Cormin II and Toromocho warehouses. However, initial soil studies showed very low support capacity materials (clay loam) and the presence of high water tables due to the proximity to the Pacific Ocean. The proposed solutions ranged from the use of piloting to the replacement of the foundation at depths greater than three meters. Nonetheless, these solutions involved a high investment of money and did not fit into the budget of the project. Consequently, new alternatives such as the use of geocellular confinement systems, which have been very well received in recent years, were proposed. The Geoweb system filled with granular material was applied to all the foundations of the project structures. The thicknesses of reinforcement achieved were around 55 to 70 centimeters, according to the requirements of the project. This system made it possible to distribute the pressure exerted by the soil and external loads effectively. Likewise, with this solution a better soil performance was achieved, unlike a conventional load bearing due to the confinement and less deformation capacity that is provided to the soil.